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Merchants Weigh In On Controversial 'Gray Thursday' Shopping

By Kerry Longobucco.
Black Friday has long been an annual tradition for shoppers seeking out the best sales -- but Thanksgiving night, now known as 'Gray Thursday', has taken off across the retail industry over the last few years.

Some merchants are taking advantage, and welcoming eager shoppers through their doors Thursday evening. This is Best Buy's third year opening on Thanksgiving.

"We have to be competitive. That's the way it is, That's the way the business has gone," John Prosinski, general manager of best buy, said. "We weren't the first company to start doing it. We're just reacting to our competition."

But Prosinski says many retail employees actually enjoy working the busy holiday.

"We try to take care of our employees," Prosinski said. "One of my managers went out today and bought some turkeys, and we're gonna cook them and put them in a roaster in the break room, and we'll have a spread for them. So we try to give them that feeling of the holiday."

Some merchants believe the feeling of a holiday isn't enough.

If you're heading to Van Cott Jewelers for something that sparkles, you'll have to wait until Friday morning. They're one of the stores sending a statement by keeping their doors closed on thanksgiving.

"It's a family run business. We've been here for over a hundred years -- so, we are very committed to letting our employees be with their families," Zachary Potter, of Van Cott Jewelers, said.

Though many stores will open thursday night -- Van Cott and Game Stop will be among those not giving in to the pressure.

"I think it's gutsy! I like it though," Potter said. "Cause we're not going to conform. We're gonna stay true to our values, and we're going to stay true to what's best for our employees."