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Senator Schumer Visits Walton's Kraft-Heinz Factory

Earlier this month, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Charles Schumer announced plans to save the Kraft-Heinz plant in Walton from closing its doors.

An agreement between the State and the company saved more than 140 jobs at the plant. Walton's factory produces sour cream and cottage cheese.

Wednesday afternoon, Schumer met with those impacted by this decision to discuss its future.

He says all jobs will be secured for the next five years. And he will work hard to keep it that way for generations to come.

"The good news here is that this plant, this wonderful plant; that is profitable, has great equipment and best of all a workforce that is second to none, is going to stay open and not close. And your jobs are safe," said Senator Schumer.

Two other Upstate New York plants at risk of closing, in Avon and Lowville, will also remain open.

As part of the deal, the State and company each agree to invest up to $20 million to support and modernize facilities. If Kraft-Heinz keeps employment levels in the state steady for the five year period, the state and company could each invest an additional $5 million.

Planned closure of Steuben County's Town of Campbell plant will be delayed for at least a year.