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Local Woman Receives Wheelchair Ramp for Thanksgiving

Local college students are ramping it up for a good cause.

The students home for thanksgiving break are also part of The Central United Methodist Church of Endicott. They helped build a wheelchair ramp for a woman in Vestal. The 88- year-old homeowner has been in a nursing home for physical therapy. She hasn't been able to return home until it was made wheel chair accessible. This home features the 23rd ramp volunteers have built this year. The program has been growing since it began seven years ago.

Ron Wenzinger said, "That's why I do this, is just to help other people see, especially teenagers, to see what joy there is in doing something for somebody else."

Wenzinger says donations are always helpful. To make a donation you can go to broomecouncil.net and go to "Ramp it Up".