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Blighted Property to Become Upscale Apartment Complex

By Emily Girsch.
A brand new apartment complex may be it on its way to 50 Front Street.

At a Landbank meeting this afternoon, a manager from a housing development group shared his plan to demolish the blighted property and build a brand new upscale apartment complex.

He said the new living community will appeal to young professionals and empty nesters.

"On the one hand it improves an old blighted site," said Jeff Smetana, Vice President of Newman Development Group, LLC.

"It offers a terrific living opportunity and hopefully supports a lot of other things people are looking to do, either attract new people to the area or to keep young people and young professionals staying here after they go to school."

Smetana also said this project will create construction jobs.

Landbank has already approved the purchase contract to sell the property.

The next step in the process is design approval from the Planning Commission.