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Tree of Life Lighting at Binghamton High School

By Jason Weinstein.
A tree lighting Tuesday morning to remember one life and try to save others at Binghamton High School.

Students lit the Katie Titus Tree of Life Tuesday. Titus died in 1996 in a non-alcohol related car accident. She was also the daughter of BHS principal Roxie Oberg. The tree is lit with white bulbs. if someone is killed in a DWI crash one of the bulbs will be replaced with a red one.

"We have not replaces a white bulb with a red bulb so I do think that the message does get our and does have an impact," said Oberg.

"Every year we come out and do this so it keeps spreading the message. It's great we've never had to replace a bulb and we hope never to do it," said Binghamton High School Senior Olivia Ramil.

Titus was a member of the school's chapter of SADD - or Students Against Destructive Decisions. That group teaches their peers about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving.