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Tips for Staying Safe and Sober Behind the Wheel

By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).
Thanksgiving is known as a time to be spent with family, but for many, the holiday means getting together for drinks with friends. Unfortunately this also means more people get behind the wheel afterwards.
"The holiday season around Thanksgiving time this year is the 25th through the 29th during those dates we will be increasing our patrol coverage that will consist of checkpoints and roving patrols" said Kate Newcomb, a Sheriff's Depute for Broome County
in addition to DWI checkpoints, bartenders and owners are looking out for patrons that might need assistance getting home.
"all year round we live by my rule here with my bartenders and staff, if you see someone that's over drank and they don't have a ride home, then we'll pay for a cab to get them home safely" said the owner of the House of Reardon.
But the most important thing to remember is not to wait until you're already intoxicated to find a ride. have a plan before you go out.
"When you're making your plans, that's the time to think about how you'll get home safely whether it be having a designated driver using a taxi, a bus, walking, staying at your destination. whatever it might be that doesn't involve an impaired driver getting behind the wheel." said Chris Marion, the STOP DWI Coordinator.
You can also download STOP-DWI New York's mobile app, "Have a Plan" which helps you find a ride, test your impairment level, and even report a DWI. so remember to stay safe and sober out on the road.