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Salvation Army Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is three days away and the Binghamton Salvation Army cooked a special meal for those in need.

The annual dinner was held at the Binghamton Worship and Community Center on Washington Street.

Around 150 people showed up for the classic meal.

One salvation army staffer has prepping for the meal since Friday.

"I did twelve turkeys, and I did three trays of stuffing, and I did three mashed potatoes, and I did three sweet potatoes and they had broccoli and they had cranberry sauce and they had rolls," said cook Lena Reyes.

This year BU students from the women's basketball team volunteered to help serve plates as a way to give back to the community.

"I think the most rewarding thing is that people say thank you," said BU student Jasmine Sina.

"I feel as if it's just so welcoming to hear that from people and "Happy Thanksgiving" and I just love providing for other people and making people smile and seeing them happy is just such a great reward."

And while most people will be celebrating with their families this coming Thursday, Lena Reyes says the people who showed up tonight are her family.

"Some of them don't have families or their families are far away," she said.

"So we are their family, and they come faithfully every day even when it's not Thanksgiving."