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Heroin Program Coming to Cooperstown PD. Broome Sheriff's Next?

By Jason Weinstein.
The Cooperstown Police Department plans to implement it's "Angel Program" for heroin addicts starting on Thanksgiving. Could the Broome County Sheriff's Office be far behind?...

Starting Thursday any addict who walks into the Cooperstown Police Station with the remainder of their drug equipment such as needles and syringes, or drugs and asks for help will not be charged.

Instead, police will walk them through the system towards detox and recovery. Police will immediately assign an “angel” to the addict who will be their guide through the process. Bassett Medical Center has committed to helping fast track people that walk into the police station so that they can be assessed quickly and the proper care can be administered quickly.

Implementing this program has been a goal of the Broome County Sheriff's Office, which says it's launch is at the top of it's priority list. Broome County's mental health director says the county is working with the state and local treatment facilities to provide beds designated for the angel program through the sheriff’s office.