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Leaders Vow Fight for BDC After Cuomo Veto

By Jason Weinstein.
Governor Cuomo has vetoed a bill sponsors said would have ensured people with developmental disabilities would have had services as they move into community residential settings.

This as the Broome Developmental Center is set to close as soon as March 2016, under a plan that would close all but two developmental centers statewide within the next year. Bill sponsors Donna Lupardo and Cliff Crouch say the Governor's office has to understand the need to have more than the 150 institutional beds in two locations - Norwich and Tupper Lake - the state's current plan calls for.

"We have commented that a certain portion of BDC should be kept open because by their own numbers they don't have enough beds to handle some of these individuals who are totally inappropriate to put in a community home," said Assemblyman Cliff Crouch, (R) 122nd District.

"The federal government has worked with the state to establish this number, 150 statewide institutional beds and we're going to continue putting pressure on the Governor and the agency to renegotiate that number," said Lupardo, (D) 123rd District.

Lupardo says if the state can negotiate a higher number there is a chance the Broome Developmental Center can stay open.