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Craft Fair Raises Money For Chenango Valley High School Seniors

By Fox 40 News.
Shopping for local crafts seems to be the trend around the Holidays. Today, Chenango Valley High School hosted a craft fair. Hundreds of people came out to shop for homemade products like jewelry, scarves, blankets, holiday decorations and a selection of holiday treats.

Santa and his elves even showed up to the event, that was a fundraiser for the Senior class. The fair attracted a lot of interest this year.

"It's been a phenomenal outcome this year and every year is a little different. Some years are a little slower than others and this year I don't know if the Christmas spirit has gotten into everybody or not, but there's been a lot of people here this year," said Co-Coordinator for the Chenango Craft Fair. Pam Puzio.

Proceeds from the craft fair will help to reduce prom ticket prices and other events for the class of 2016.