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BU Students Brave the Cold for Homelessness Awareness

Temperatures will be in the 20s tonight and some BU students will be sleeping outside.

They want to know what it feels like to be homeless.

"It really is devastating to think that people have to do this all the time," Clare Gilroy, resident assistant and event organizer.

"It's so easy for me to do it for one night so it definitely puts it into perspective of the challenges they must face."

Michael Ross heads the Binghamton Rescue Mission.

Each night the mission's 32 beds give shelter to those living on the streets.

Ross had the idea to involve students.

"Homeless problems and hunger issues and where we see poverty is not always visible on campus so bringing it to campus helps the students get a look at something they may not see in their day to day life on campus," he said.

Students were given a cardboard to sleep on, bonfires were lit, and they could even BOYB - bring your own blanket, that is.

Clare did the sleep-out last year and she had this advice for keeping warm.

"I learned that huddling together with your friends, like the body heat, definitely helps so get cozy with your friends, your neighbors."