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County Legislature Approves Aramark as Senior Citizens Food Provider

County legislators decided this evening to go forward with a cost-cutting measure to change a food service provider for senior citizens.

Seniors and community members in Broome County unsuccessfully rallied outside the courthouse today to protest the legislature's impending decision to use Aramark for senior citizen meals going forward.

"The bottom line is seniors should not be sacrificed in this community," said Protest Organizer Wanda Mead Campbell.

"This is not the right way to go no matter what the budget looks like."

In addition to senior centers, other services that will be affected by the change include Meals on Wheels, Willow Point Nursing Home, and the jail.

"We don't sacrifice the most vulnerable citizens in our community. We just don't do that. That's not what Broome County's about," said Campbell.

Broome County Executive Debbie Preston defended the county's decision in the hearing last week.

"I would never ever want any company that I didn't think would provide comparable or better meals," said Preston.

The agreement with Aramark is a 5-year agreement, which is set to start on December 1st of this year.