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City Officials Take A Serious Look Into Downtown Binghamton Parking Concern

By Faith Jessie.
The Hawley St. parking ramp, downtown is closed and this is one of the setbacks people in Binghamton are frustrated about when it comes to parking downtown.

Parking is a growing concern among residents. This sparked a study on the city's current parking situation to see how it can be improved.

Tonight, consultants discussed some of the findings from that study with
members of the public.

Findings include that 80% of parking in Downtown Binghamton is privately
owned, and many residents feel that parking is hard to find or not
conveniently located to where they want to go.

City officials say that this study will allow consultants to put a plan
together that calls for improvements.

"When they come back in January, they'll provide us with recommendations
based on future scenarios and future development, where we need
parking...where we can better allocate parking or how we can better utilize
the parking areas that we already have," said Cyndi Paddica, Director of
the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study.

Methods like on-ground parking data collection, field observations, and an
online survey were used to gather info on the current accessibility,
safety, and convenience of parking in Downtown Binghamton.

The city of Binghamton says that they want to attract more people downtown, but the people of Binghamton say if there is no parking, that isn't gonna happen.