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Uber Hopes to Come to Binghamton

By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).
A popular ridesharing service could be coming to the Southern Tier.

Representatives from Uber ridesharing company were in Binghamton Wednesday trying to find people interested in becoming drivers.

The company, which operates in cities across the United States, including New York City, is in the midst of a push to try and get New York lawmakers to pass regulations that would allow Uber drivers to operate in Upstate New York.

The push has gotten backlash from traditional taxi companies that claim it would hurt their business models, but Uber projects that at about 13,000 jobs would be created outside of New York City if it were allowed to operate there. The Committee for Taxi Safety predicts that the ridesharing service's expansion would eliminate thousands of full time jobs, including 600 in the Binghamton area.

However, a Board of Labor analysis of the states where Uber has the largest presence in, such as Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Califorinia and Arizona, concluded that taxi and livery jobs have increased over the past three years, despite industry claims to the contrary.