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Puppet Show helps Elementary Students learn about Healthy Eating

Using puppets to teach kids life lessons is nothing new - look no further than the muppets. But how can Colby Carrot and Brian Broccoli teach kids about eating healthy and local? Homer brink kindergarten students in Endwell got the chance to learn about just that today thanks to members of the Cornell Cooperative Extension. They held the produce puppet show. They also let the kids compare apple slices from local and imported sources.
"It's definitely a lot easier to engage them in a puppet show instead of just talking to them about why fruits and vegetables are great, but i love the puppet show because of the Brian Broccoli and Colby Carrot, and they seem to find them funny." said Lexi Edmunson an Americore member from Cornell Coopertive Extension. Kids also learned about the different vitamins in produce, and how they help the human body.