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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Greater Binghamton's November Sky

Warmer temperatures Monday morning brought an unusual sight to the skies for this time of year.

Fox 40 spotted a hot air balloon above the Vestal Parkway before 10 a.m. and we decided to track it down. It landed near Gate Street in Binghamton. Flying the balloon was owner of Southern Tier Balloon Tours, Dariush Farzad, and his friend, John, who had recently purchased the balloon. Farzad was giving him flight training for a balloon license.

The pair gave neighbors a surprise landing.

"It sounded very much like a hot air balloon firing up because my wife and I have flown in one before, but it didn't seem logical this time of year. So I came out the front door and sure enough there it was in our driveway," said Binghamton Resident Stan Kauffman.

"Anything that's open and accessible is generally the best landing spot. So if you see a hot air balloon flying low, or right on the trees; everything's fine, we're just looking for that nice landing spot," said Farzad.

Neighbors in the area gave the pair a hand in cleaning up the landed balloon.