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Vestal High School Students Visiting France Safe, Returning Early

In light of Friday’s attacks in Paris, Vestal High School students abroad in France will return home early.

A group of 18 students and two staff chaperones are currently safe in Sedan, France, where they have been staying with host families. Sedan is more than 130 miles from Paris.

Students and staff were scheduled to begin a stay in Paris from Sunday, November 15th, until November 21st.

That stay was canceled and students will remain with their host families in Sedan until Tuesday.

Parents were contacted by the school. Interim principal, Dr. Albert Penna, says most had immediate contact with their children through social media.

“Parents were very cooperative and compliant and understood that the most important thing was the safety and well-being of the students and getting them home safe and sound. You’re going to see some very happy parents when they get here,” said Interim Principal Dr. Albert Penna.

Students will fly out of Frankfurt, Germany, and return home late Tuesday evening.

Exchange students from France will come to Vestal next year.