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BU Students Dance To Send A Message

By Fox 40 News Staff.
The sound of feet hitting the ground filled the BU fine arts building for two months as two teams practiced for perfection.

BU's dance and step team wanted to come together for a reason and that was to show unity through dance.

The two teams of around fifty students practiced monday through friday for a few hours each day, some days longer than others in preperation for an event titled X-Factor vs BDR bring it on...a showcase of the two top minority dance groups on campus.

The teams danced to reach one specific goal.

"The goal here is to show that two minority groups can come together and not have hostility, but to show that we can promote unity on campus and that we can put together a really nice production because at the end of the day, these are students," said Eric Russell.

The two teams peformed the last night at BU's fine arts building and rather than competing aganist each other for a prize, they danced together to promote unity.