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Local woman mourns death of son killed in gun crossfire

It was the phone call no parent ever wants to receive.

October 18th started out as a normal Sunday.

Natasha Clinkscales was getting ready for church when her daughter called to tell her the tragic news.

"The sound of my scream at the top of my lung must have petrified her," said Natasha.

"Never in a million years did I expect that phone call."

Her teenage son had been killed in the crossfire of a gun fight the night before.

After his high school's homecoming in Terre Haute, Indiana, 18-year-old Donovan Clinkscales went to a party where he was struck by a bullet not intended for him.

He was one of three victims that night.

"Two were treated and released from the hospital," said Natasha.

"They were able to identify the suspects. My son was shot and rushed to the hospital and didn't make it."

Donovan was a gifted basketball player and college scouts were looking at him.

He also loved math and wanted to be a veterinarian.

Natasha hosted a meal outside the American Legion in Binghamton today to raise money for his memorial service.

She said the support from the community has been helpful, but it can't bring back her son.

"He will forever be in my heart, and hold a special place in many people's hearts," she said.

The memorial service for Donovoan will take place tomorrow at the Boys and Girls Club in Binghamton at noon.