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Recruits Graduate from Broome County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Academy

Seven months of intense training; including academic, physical, firearm and self-defense, led to this day.

On Friday afternoon, local law enforcement welcomed new members to its agencies. More than 40 recruits graduated from the Broome County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Academy.

15 agencies were represented by the Academy's Class of 2015, including the Tioga County Sheriff's Office and Village of Johnson City Police.

20 of the 44 recruits will join Binghamton's police force.

The new officers are ready and eager to protect and serve.

“I like to help the community. I feel that if I can do something to make the community a better, safer place for other people to enjoy, then my job is done for the day,” said Graduate joining Binghamton Police Seamus Clarke.

“I’m thrilled that they finally get to get out there and use all of the tools that they’ve learned over the past seven months and go out there and help the community that they’re going to serve,” said Academy Director Sgt. Sammy Davis.

Davis says one of the Academy's biggest changes in recent years is emphasis on reality-based training, which makes for an impactful hands-on experience.