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Talking Device Helps in Overdose Situations

By Molly Darrow.
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, heroin-related overdoses have quadrupled since 2002 with more than 8,200 people dying in 2013.

EVZIO, a talking naloxone product, is a prescription medication believed to reverse opioid effects in overdose situations until emergency personnel arrives.

The company that makes the drug says, in a study, 90% of participants were able to use EVZIO without training.

Each comes with two auto-injectors and one trainer for practice.

The head of Kaléo, the pharmaceutical company that produces EVZIO, Spencer Williamson, says most overdoses occur in homes.

“In that emotional moment of someone realizing that their loved one will not wake up, that panic moment, having the voice of someone giving instructions to walk the family members step-by-step through what to do can mean life or death,” said CEO of Kaléo Stephen Williamson.

Setbacks include some believing an anti-overdose drug encourages using. Also, EVZIO is expensive. Prices, before insurance, typically begin at more than $550.

“75% of Americans have coverage for EVZIO through their health care plans. For those that have limited coverage we have a patient-assistance program to provide products. Also, through our Kaléo Cares Program we actually donate product to people that are completely out of the health care system,” said Williamson.