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A Balloon Memorial For A Life Taken By Heroin

By Faith Jessie.
Balloons soared in the Endicott sky tonight in memory of Daryll Michaletz. He was a son, a brother, a friend, and a victim of a heroin overdose.

"I was in complete shock" said Lindsey Feed, Daryll's girlfriend.

Daryll died on October 6th of this year and today would have been his 28th Birthday.

"Maybe some of these balloons will reach him," said Joanne Michaletz, Daryll's Mother

Daryll's friends and family celebrated his life with cake and ice cream...most importantly memories. All to help, soothe the pain of their loss.

"Know the signs of drug abuse, get some education and maybe that way, a life can be saved, " said Joanne.

"You never know what you got until it's gone, and when it's gone it's too late and you wish you had that time with that family or that friend," said Candace Jackson , Daryll's Sister

This is a message that Daryll's family wants to send to other families struggling with a victim of addiction.

"Some people are afraid to ask for help and he was one of those people," said Ashley Irons, Daryll's Sister.

"Instead of talking to some stranger, talk to your family because that is the better thing to do," said Candace.

"Never turn away from them, it's a sickness," said Lindsey.

"I love him and I miss him, and when it's my time I'll see him again," said Ashley.