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Cornwell Names His Assistant District Attorney

By Lindsay Raychel.
Broome County's newly elected District Attorney has named his right hand man.

Steve Cornwell has announced Wednesday that Michael Korchak will serve as Chief Assistant District Attorney. Korchak's 26 years of experience will help in assisting the Cornwell in overseeing the D.A.'s Office and prosecuting high-level crimes. Korchak says the drug problem in the community is the crux of property crimes, robberies and shootings and that's why the D.A.'s Office plans on attacking it heavily.

Korchak said, "If you can really hit them where it hurts, seize their cars, seize their homes, give them lengthy prison sentences, heavy fines, you can discourage drug dealers from coming to our community and then in turn reduce the other areas of crime at the same time."

Cornwell said on day one they plan on establishing a Drug Crimes Bureau and assigning a full time Investigator and Prosecutor for drug crimes.