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Cornwell Thanks Supporters at Victory Celebration

By Emily Girsch.
Supporters showed up to celebrate Republican Steve Cornwell's victory at Jonathan's Restaurant in Endicott Tuesday night.

Following the counting of the absentee ballots Tuesday, Cornwell was declared the winner of the race for Broome County District Attorney.

"He brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm into our community and he will bring that enthusiasm into our DA's office," said supporter Mirella Masciarelli.

"I am honored and blessed to have him in my life and to call him Mr. DA now."

Cornwell claimed his victory with a margin of just 509 votes.

While celebrating tonight, he said the work starts now.

His first priority upon taking office is to work with Mollen and a transition team to smoothly shift into a new administration.

Cornwell also said the solution to the heroin epidemic involves getting both supply and demand under control, and this starts with a drug crimes bureau.

"On day one, we will have a drug crimes bureau and we will have prosecutors assigned to that bureau and investigators assigned to that bureau and we will start attacking it on day one," he said.

Cornwell takes office on January 1st.