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Faces of Heroin: A Profile of a Woman Who Struggles to Stay Clean

Now the story of someone who fights to stay away from this horrible drug, Bonnie Dix.

If you told Bonnie two years ago, she would spending her Sunday in church, she might have thought you were on drugs. But this church is not your typical church. It’s in a movie theater. It is called an "un-church."

It was a perfect match for this 37-year-old recovering addict from Fulton, New York.

“I told my friends you gotta come to church with me and the next week I brought seven of eight friends,” says Dix. She was in a halfway house, trying to stay clean off of heroin. This was a drug she discovered when she was 22.

“Some genius friend of mind said you ought to try heroin. It’s an opiate and it’s cheaper.”

Dix loved it and she knows her drugs.

"I started using when I was 13,” says Dix.

The list of drugs Dix had snorted, smoked or swallowed by 22 is long - and none of them came close to the high of heroin.

She adds, “It numbed me out. It took away any pain of loss, of not being accepted, of not having family.”

Bonnie says heroin and other opiates take away so many painful moments of her past.

“Pain of being homeless because part of my story is that when I was sixteen my parents kicked me out when they found out I was gay.”

She knows if she is going to survive and stay clean and sober, she needs to learn life skills. That is why she wants to live in a halfway house. In the meantime, Bonnie is living with the family of someone in her 12-step support group.

This gratitude and raw honesty inspires so many people in her ever growing group of supporters.