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An Important Member of Broome County's History is Honored

The County Executive is remembering an important leader in Broome County's history.

Edwin J. Crawford was elected as the first County Executive of Broome County in 1968, and was thought of as a man who brought others together. Today, County Executive Debbie Preston and Crawford's grandson dedicated his name to a Broome County office building.

"I think that the passion came from deeply caring about the community that he lived in and he deeply cared about Broome County and for a guy that modeled his entire life after public service and what he could do for other people, thats what gave him his passion and his energy." - J. Nicholas Sottje, Crawford's grandson.

Among Crawford's accomplishments are writing the Broome County Charter and the working to develop plans for Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena. he died in 1993.