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Work After War: Helping Local Veterans Find Jobs

By Kerry Longobucco.
The New York State Department of Labor celebrated Veteran's Day by helping those who have served our country, find a place in the local workforce.

The department celebrated Veteran's Day with a career fair at the DoubleTree in downtown Binghamton on Tuesday afternoon.

The first half hour was exclusively open to veterans -- giving them an opportunity to get individual facetime with local businesses that are hiring.

Organizers weighed in on why veterans make such great employees.

"They're good at receiving communications and giving responses that are clear and concise," Christian Harris, of the Department of Labor, said. "They work well individually, and definitely as a team, to accomplish goals.They're very goal oriented."

Dozens of businesses were represented, that are looking to fill positions in all sorts of categories -- like banking, education, the medical field and food service.

After half an hour, the career fair opened to the public.