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Locals Rally for Minimum Wage Increase

On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that his administration plans to raise the minimum wage for state workers to $15 an hour over the next several years.

The Governor's announcement comes on a day when local activists joined thousands across the country calling on the State Senate for a minimum wage increase.

Citizen Action of New York and Broome Tioga Federation of Labor were part of the group rallying Tuesday afternoon across from the wal-mart in Johnson City. Those rallying say $8.75 is not adequate pay for a sustainable life.

"It's more than just an increase in pay. It's a life. It's making a living wage for people so they canget by. So they can provide food and shelter for themselves and their families," said advocate for minimum wage increase Michael Treiman.

Cuomo's decision to raise minimum wage for state workers comes with a push to make new york the first state in the nation to apply a 15 dollar minimum wage across all industries.
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