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Public Hearing For Binghamton Transitional Home

A home in Binghamton that has been housing parolees and those transitioning from homelessness is facing a road block.

The Binghamton Planning Commission is holding a public hearing tomorrow to address the proposal of establishing a community residence in this residential building.

This hearing comes after some neighbors expressed concern about the potential residents of the house, fearing that they will bring harm to the .

Yet some residents and the co-owner believe the home will give people a second chance.

"I can understand how it would make some people uncomfortable, because they are there for a reason. But I think that they also deserve a chance," said DeAnna Beams, neighbor.

"Convict, ex-felon, there's really negativity there. They're not just something to throw off to the side, they are people. And a lot of them, they've just made mistakes. And as I say, it's not a halfway house, it was never set up to be a halfway house. It's a transitional home. It's set up to help people who are struggling," said Lee Bronson, part owner.

The floor will be open at 5:35pm tomorrow for members of the community to give their opinions on the proposal at the City Council Chambers, in City Hall.