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STOP-DWI Warrior Run

People laced and warmed up today for the Stop-DWI Returning Warrior run.

American Flags lined the walkways of Otsiningo Park for the Returning Warrior Run.

People ran to help raise money in support of the Southern Tier Veterans Support Group.

They ran to take a stand against drunk driving.

"We found that traffic crashes are the number one killer of veterans in the first 12 months of being home from over seas. We wanted to raise awareness about he aggressive techniques that they were taught to keep themselves alive over seas are very dangerous when you come back home," said Chris Marion, Broome County Stop DWI Program Coordinator.

People of all ages were able to run either a five mile or 10 mile.

There was also a kids race to get the little ones involved.

This isn't just a run for those participating, it's a way to bring everyone together and raise awareness.

"It's amazing how all my friends and everyone in the community came together to support the veterans and this great cause and where all the money goes to that helps them when they come back over seas from their deployments," said Will Andres, Veteran and runner.

"Where not a lot of people understand what veterans go through when they come back from war and for us to do whatever we can to get them back to normal it's important," said, Kevin Brown, runner.

Dog Tags were given to finishers as an added way to show appreciation and support to all veterans.

Proceeds used to connect local vets with the services available through the Binghamton Vet Center.