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Binghamton Pageant Brings Out Local Beauties

A beauty pageant took place in Binghamton tonight, but this pageant had a twist.

"I am 87, almost 88, I don't know how I got into this," said contestant, Marilyn Dickstein.

Marilyn, along with a group of ladies in the community were contestants in a Beauty Pageant tonight.

This wasn't just any pageant... it defied the beauty standards that an average pageant puts in place.

The Big Bold and Beautiful event that took place at the Binghamton Club tonight focused on inner and outer beauty while helping women to feel encouraged and bring up their self esteem.

"Nobody's ever heard of a self esteem, self acceptance pageant. If we don't love and accept ourselves how do we want anyone else to?" said pageant organizer, Elaine Green-Luke.

The twist to this? The ladies were more focused on each other than the crown.

"None of us deserve to be treated like we're nothing. We are somebody, we're special, wonderful, beautiful, talented, in a class by ourselves, class of excellence..I like that," said Green-Luke.

Green-Luke said the main focus of the pageant was to help women build self esteem and confidence so they can be stronger. We'll have the full story on the pageant including who was crowned, tomorrow right here at 10 p.m.