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First Friday Event Celebrates Local Civil War Heritage

An event tonight at Atomic Tom's transported guests back in time, to the 1860s.

While the battle of Gettysburg is perhaps the most well-known of all Civil War events, many don't know that the Union experienced a similar attack at Culp's Hill.

Colonel David Ireland of New York led the 137th NY Infantry into battle.

Soldiers trained on the south shores of the Susquehanna River right here in Binghamton.

Tonight at Atomic Tom's, Civil War reenactors showed up to help celebrate their local heritage.

"I had numerous family members who served in the Civil War from 50th New York engineers to General George Meade, of the Army of the Potomac," said Civil War Reenactor Ray Morgan.

Under the direction of Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, plans are currently underway to erect a marker in Veterans Park to recognize the victory of Colonel Ireland and his infantry.

As part of Binghamton's "First Fridays," the fundraiser tonight included live music, a cake, and plenty of happy hour specials.

"Well my husband and I like to come down for First Fridays once a month, the first of every month, and we heard the fabulous Irish music," said attendee Christine Tarnowski.

"It just drew us right through the front door so that's how we found this establishment and why we're here tonight."

Also as part of this recognition, a section of Route 434 will be renamed for the regiment.