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Where Are Area Residents Going For Health Insurance Questions?

This month, low and moderate income New Yorkers have able to obtain needed health care at an affordable price. We spoke with a local group focused on health care to find out who stops by for guidance.

Sharon Cesna, Executive Director of Mothers and Babies says, "Our clientele sort of runs the gamut, we have individual and families of all types. We have a lot of individuals who are employed."

What is making some of the these clients feel at ease is something called the Essential Plan, put into place by New York State.

Cesna says, "and that's an option for people up to 200 percent of the poverty level, who formally they're over the Medicaid eligibility. But, and they could, purchase the qualified health plans through the Marketplace, but they often find that unaffordable, even if they get that tax credit and a subsidy."

Is this plan helping those who need a break?

Cesna says, "every individual, every family has to look at their personal health situations to determine which plan is best for them. That's another area where our navigators can really assist them in making some decisions on those things."