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Lourdes Hospital Hosts Lung Cancer Awareness Night

To commemorate Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Lourdes Hospital is kicking off the start of November with a special evening to raise awareness of this disease.

"We lose more people to lung cancer than breast, colon, and prostate cancer combined so it's a huge problem, " said Lourdes Oncology Nurse Melanie Littinger.

"We need to do more research and get more funding to help reverse those numbers."

The "Shine A Light" event at the Binghamton Club earlier this evening addressed lung cancer, and the latest advancements in screening and treatment options.

Attendee Kathy Alley was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, which is the most aggressive kind, just two weeks ago.

"I felt like I was in a bad dream," said Alley.

"I felt like, for sure I was going to wake up and it was going to be over. Then when I realized it was not a dream, it was like, what's going to happen to my world?"

Like the experts, Alley says getting regular C-T scans is key to prevention.

"Get a C-T scan. Get yourself checked out," she said. "Best way for a cure. Best way to beat it. Know you got it, and know you got it early. If you don't do those two things, you're kind of signing your own death warrant. It's just a matter of time."

To learn more about "Shine A Light" or if you want to donate, visit lungcanceralliance.org.