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Local Vietnam Vets Awarded For Service

By Faith.
"When we came home we weren't recognized, we were spit on, called baby killers...and it kind of hurt," said David Asward, Army Veteran and Award Recipient

To try and ease the pain city officials, along with friends and family came out to honor those Veterans. This at an awards ceremony sponsored by the Local Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter.

"It's nice to be able to recognize some of the men that never got recognized for anything, said Larry Holdredge, President of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 896.

Holdredge says the ceremony honors veterans. It gives them and outlet to enjoy themselves and keeps away the ghosts of the past.

"It helps, getting to meet people and get out in the community instead of closing yourself off and never doing anything," said Holdredge

"If you see a veteran wearing a hat, walk up to them and say thank you. It wouldn't hurt, makes them feel a lot better," said Asward

The same message that these Veterans are saying tonight.

"Thank you," said Gordon Twining, Air Force Veteran and Award Recipient.

"It's an Honor," said Asward.