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SUNY Broome Hosts Transfer Day

By Molly Darrow.
SUNY Broome students learned all about future educational opportunities without having to leave the college.

Hundreds of students attended the school's annual Transfer Day Thursday afternoon. Representatives from more than 60 colleges, including Binghamton University and Ithaca College, were present. They provided students with information on academic programs, acceptance rates and financial aid.

"The sooner a student gathers information and begins to understand all of the ramifications of the decisions they make academically and socially now, the sooner they can prepare for an effective and smooth transfer," said SUNY Broome Chair of Counseling Services Joe Spence.

"It's better to talk to someone than looking up online because online is just information. When you talk to the person they give you more advice of personal experience so you can take it from them instead of just going online and reading information," said SUNY Broome Sophomore Ibrahim Ouedraogo.

SUNY Broome will also host student mock interview sessions with local businesses throughout the month of December.