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Vestal Elk's Annual Dictionary Giveaway

The Vestal Elks continued their annual distribution of dictionaries by donating dictionaries to Vestal Central School District's third graders Thursday. Representatives from Elks Lodge 2508 handed out dictionaries to the elementary schools located on African Road, Clayton Avenue, Glenwood, Tioga Hills and Vestal Hills.

The Dictionary Project, a nonprofit organization that works in conjunction with the Vestal Elks Lodge, has donated over 3,700 dictionaries to third-graders in Vestal schools dating back to 2004. According to The Dictionary Project, approximately 67 million children have received dictionaries due to the contributions of civic organizations nationwide. Over two million dictionaries were given out to students last year alone.

Representatives hope to improve students' writing, reading, and creative thinking by enhancing their vocabulary. Ultimately, their goal is to contribute to students' academic success.