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Vigil Held For Local Man Who Was Brutally Murdered

Family and friends of Jordan Dordell came out to grieve in remembrance of a young Binghamton man who was very close to being a husband and a father.

"He taught me integrity, you can still have fun and do the right thing," said Mandi Dordell, Jordan's sister.

"He was about to be a father for the first time, that was his biggest joy," said Josh Shafer, Jordan's friend.

Dordell and his pregnant fiance' were attacked two years ago at their Mygatt St. home. It was a brutal stabbing, they were tied in a basement, doused in lighter fluid and left for dead as the attackers lit the house on fire.

"Shock...shock is a big thing for me. You would have never expected this to happen to Jordan out of anybody in the world. We never would have thought it would be Jordan," said Shafer.

Dordell's fiance' escaped but Dordell did not make it out alive.

"She was young, in love. Probably one of the nicest people I've ever met in my life," said Shafer.

Dordell was known to be a funny guy, who always put smiles on people’s faces.

"He wanted other people to be happy. He was about good times and being with people who felt the same way," Chenoa Chalker, Jordan's friend.

"Candles were lit tonight, the light reminds the community of the light Jordan brought to all of their lives"

"Making people laugh, that was probably the biggest joy he ever got was making people laugh," said Shafer.

This is the third year the candle light vigil has taken place and it continues to happen so Jordan will not be forgotten.

"It was an honor to be his sister... it really was," said Dordell.