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Vestal Native Leads Efforts To Find Missing Ship

We have an update on a cargo ship that went missing during Hurricane Joaquin, and a local man's efforts to help find it.

According to US authorities, El Faro broke apart when it sank off the bahamas and its data recorder is missing.

A Vestal native leading the Navy's efforts in finding the ship, Captain Gregg Baumann says, "If the two upper decks are in tact, I think we would have a high probability of finding them but we're just not that confident at this time that those two upper decks are completely in tact to be able to say we can find a large structure like that."

Captain Gregg Baumann says if the data recorder is not located, the NTSB will have to determine the cause of the sinking without it.

The El Faro catastrophe was the worst cargo shipping disaster in the US in over three decades.