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Election Night Brings Change, Questions

Fred Akshar's win with 79 percent of the vote ushered in a new era of politics in the Southern Tier.

Akshar becomes the first Senator elected from the 52nd District other than Tom Libous since 1988. His Democratic opponent Barbara Fiala quickly got the endorsement of Governor Cuomo at the start of the race, but not the kind of help from the state party that Akshar received.

"I was asked to take the challenge. I did. Did I expect money to fall from the sky? No. But money is important. The Republicans spent close to $1 million on the race," said Fiala.

Another Republican claiming victory, Broome County District Attorney Candidate Steven Cornwell, may have ended another era. He claimed a win over Democrat Gerald Mollen, who has been the DA since 1987. The race, though, is close enough that it will be decided by absentee ballots.

"We're down about 500 with 1,800 absentees out so we'll wait to get the count but it will be tough to get these numbers out of the absentee (ballots)," said Mollen.

"We can do it better, be more aggressive, have more energy, have more vision, and we'll do it," said Cornwell.

Those absentee ballots will be counted on November 10th.

****In Binghamton, Jason Weinstein, Fox 40 HD News***