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LOURDES at Home and Hospice Hosts Job Recruitment Fair

Those looking for home health care careers in Broome, Tioga, Chenango and Delaware County may be in luck.

Wednesday afternoon LOURDES at Home and Hospice held a Job Recruitment Fair. It's goal was to fill approximately a dozen positions including registered nurses, physical therapists and home health aides in the four counties.

Organizers say that while having technical qualifications is important, there is another trait necessary in being the right candidate.

"What we're looking for in those candidates is that they have compassion. They must have compassion in order to do that. It's not something where you're just going in and doing a multitude of treatments and then when that's over you're done. These are commitments that we make to patients and their families," said Service Line Administrator for LOURDES at Home and Hospice Rochelle Eggleton.

If you weren't able to make it to Wednesday's fair, you can apply online by visiting www.lourdes.com and searching career opportunities. Or learn more by calling Lourdes Human Resources Department at 798-5256.