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Students Learn That Healthy Foods Can Taste Good Too

Kids were jumping for joy Wednesday but it wasn't because they were eating sugary foods.

Wednesday was National Eating Healthy Day and students at Maine Memorial Elementary school were shown how they can make tasty smoothies from healthy fruits and vegetables. According to Dieticians, today is a day to raise awareness about the importance of incorporating healthier foods into a daily diet.

Cornell University Dietetics Intern, Karah Mechlowitz said, "The sooner you introduce healthy habits like eating healthy and exercise into their lives, the more likely they're going to continue doing it when they get older."

Third Grade Student, Ayden Hammond said, They turned out to be surprisingly good for me. I've never tried spinach."

Third Grade Student, Madison Morris said, "I've never once liked spinach but that spinach smoothie was actually pretty good."

The students said they even plan on eating more spinach and berries in the future.