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Cybersecurity expert gives advice about senior scams

Online shopping and banking has become popular in the last few years but it also creates fraud, scamming, and hacking for the elderly.

At Binghamton rotary, NBT bank held a presentation called "Cybersecurity Awareness and Preventing Senior Scam." Terra Carnrike-Granata is the information security and fraud manager at the bank and she feels senior citizens are targets in this situation because they are financially secure with good credit.

"One of the more common scams involve things that look right to you. If it's a web site that looks like it should be right to you with only one little thing. So watch for the inconsistencies and watch for things that just don't look right," said Jeff Lake, Regional President for NBT Bank in Binghamton.

The best way to check if you are a victim of these scams is to check in with your bank regularly and ignore suspicious phone calls and emails asking for money.