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New York State Senate Candidates for the 52nd District Vote

With the polls open for election day, we will take a look at each candidate casting their ballot. We begin with the senate seat in the 52nd district and republican Fred Akshar.

Fred went to the polls at Sanataria Springs fire company this morning. Fred has been focused on creating jobs, cutting taxes, and stopping the heroine problem in our area. He feels he has run a positive campaign that has resonated with the people in the district.

"It's been a unique opportunity and quite frankly an amazing experience to travel this district. It's a big district and to meet so many great people, listen to their concerns and to have an opportunity to potentially serve them in this capacity is just a very humbling experience," said Akshar.

In the latest Time Warner Cable News and Siena College poll, Fred has a 52 point lead over Baraba Fiala.

Speaking of Fiala, the democratic candidate is very upbeat today despite the recent numbers that came last week.

Fiala and her husband went to the Broome County senior center in Endwell to cast their vote this morning. Fiala believes her political experience is what will get her elected. she is committed to job creation, tax deductions, and creating a detox center for the heroine epidemic.

"I'm very proud of my campaign. I'm proud that the democrats put me on this line and If I am elected, I certainly am going to work very hard for the 52nd district," said Fiala.

We will have reaction from both candidates after the final results come out later this evening.