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Could Increased Capital Grow Agriculture?

By Jason Weinstein.
Could increased access to capital help upstate farmers unlock the potential of the agriculture industry in our area?

Officials from over 20 county, state, and federal agencies who can provide lending to agricultural businesses gave an inside perspective on alternative funding sources, what lenders look for in potential borrowers, and how to access international markets.

Commerce Chenango President Steve Craig told the success story of his agency's partnership with Chobani Yogurt. Those in the audience say the ingredients are there for more growth.

"It's a great opportunity for us locally. We have a perfect environment for it. We have land, we have water, we have access to the sun. We can grow here. We can grow here in the northeast, we can grow here in Binghamton," said Brian Aukema of the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Agriculture is one of the four pillars of the Southern Tier's proposal to the state for the $500 million Upstate Revitalization Inititative.