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John Schaffer votes in Vestal

By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).
The Democratic Incumbent for Vestal Town Supervisor John Schaffer was at his polling place at the Vestal Fire Department. Schaffer expressed his confidence going into the polls today, saying that he expects to win and looks forward to continuing to serve the town of vestal.

"My expectations are that i'm going to win, I'm very confident that I'll win, I've done a great job for the town of Vestal, I'm going to continue doing a great job, I have more things i want to complete, so hopefully the good people will re-elect me and we'll carry on for another 4 years." commented John Schaffer, the Incumbent for Supervisor of the Town of Vestal. Schaffer defeated Republican Incumbent Peter Andreason in 2011. He now faces Republican Challenger, William Kelley.