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Unions Protest PLAs at City Council Work Session

You have seen the signs for PLA. Fox 40 has covered the story for a few weeks now and tonight it has a certain milestone.

Binghamton's City Council heard arguments on the concept of project labor agreement, a concept supported by unionized groups as part of a 250-million dollar project surrounding the Binghamton/Johnson City sewage treatment plant.

"We don't see the purpose of the PLA," said Mike Azersky, President of J&J Sheet Metal Work.

"It's going to exclude our people from doing this job and it just doesn't seem like it makes sense for the tax payer. It's going to jack up the numbers despite the study they have that says the opposite."

Earlier today, associated builders and contractors, a group of local contractors and workers rallied in Binghamton, calling on the city council to vote against the PLA.