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Election Day Poll Selfies Become New Trend In Broome County

By Emily Girsch.
Election Day is quickly approaching and now you can take snap a selfie at the polls when you get done voting.

No, you can't take a photo of the ballot, but you can take a photo in the booth, or afterwards to document your experience.

Deputy Commisioner Karen Davis says voting is a serious process, but taking these selfies is just a fun way to celebrate that you voted.

"I think that voting is serious and you take care of the serious business and then you enjoy the fact that you're able to go cast a vote for who you want to represent you," said Davis.

"It's a 10-second process to snap a selfie. Then when you get home you can just upload it to either Twitter or Facebook and then go in and look at everybody else's selfie."

Davis also said Broome County just started the election selfie trend last year and only 20 people participated.

She hopes for a slightly bigger turnout this year.
"I would hope that I get at least 100 this time," she said.

"We like to keep the numbers going up."

When you get done taking the perfect election day selfie, you can upload them to Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag, #bvelectionselfie or onto their website, broomevotes.com.