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A Day Before Elections, 52nd Senate Candidates Work to Win Over Voters

The one local race that has won a great deal of attention is between Fred Akshar (R) and Barbara Fiala (D) for the vacant 52nd District Senate seat.

Both candidates used their final day of their campaigns working to win over voters. But recent polls have some wondering if the special election to fill the former seat of Tom Libous has already been won.

These polls show Akshar with a commanding lead over Fiala. Last week, a poll by Siena College and Time Warner Cable had Akshar leading -- with a massive 72 percent of voters saying he's their man.

"We're encouraged by the poll numbers but of course, they're just a snapshot, a couple of days worth of information, and we're going to take nothing for granted," Akshar said. "It's a day before the election, and we're out on the south side of Binghamton knocking on doors, listening to our constituents, so we're taking none of that for granted."

"I certainly, you know, have been following the polls," Fiala said. "I usually don't pay a lot of attention to the polls because they've been known to be not accurate. And we ran a good race. A very good race."

Poll numbers didn't stop either candidate from making the most of their final day of campaigning. Akshar spent the day going door to door, while Fiala's team was busy making phone calls, reminding her supporters to get out and cast their vote.