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Broome County District Attorney Candidates Prepare for Election Day

In the District Attorneys race, incumbent DA Gerald Mollen and Republican opponent Steve Cornwell are preparing with Election Day just hours away.

Recent attack ads include accusations that Mollen failed to prosecute a sexual assault case. Meanwhile Mollen's campaign claims that Cornwell failed to pay his taxes and has only handled one felony criminal trial as a prosecutor. Both candidates say their opponents are making inaccurate claims. The public decides what it thinks tomorrow.

Fox 40 caught up with both Mollen and Cornwell on Monday afternoon.

"The campaign illustrates the importance of being a responsible prosecutor, having that weight of responsibility on you. So I'm happy to have the voters decide who should fill that position," said Mollen.

"I'm feeling very confident. We've spent five months going around Broome County, spoke to thousands of people and gone to hundreds of events.
And we're hearing the same thing. It's time for a change and we need to make Broome County safer," said Cornwell.

Mollen has served as DA for 28 years. Cornwell has been practicing family and criminal law at the Cornwell Law Office and served as a prosecutor for Mollen from 2007 to 2009. Both say that they are looking to bring justice into the community.